Gerry Eisenberg
    Jazz Singer
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Gerry Eisenberg is a jazz singer focusing on the incredible musical legacy that is the classic song repertoire. She sings and swings with great awareness and appreciation for the impact of a powerfully delivered lyric, combined with the expressive possibilities of the vocal line in jazz.

Born in New York City, formal training as an opera singer created the foundation of Gerry's wide ranging interest in vocal music and performance. Beginning her career as a soprano under the instruction of Juilliard's Daniel Ferro, she sang leading roles in the standard operatic repertory in theaters both at home and abroad.

Given this rather unique background, she has a keen interest in in the nexus between jazz and opera from a vocalist's perspective. Gerry incorporates her extensive vocal range and storytelling gift into her song renditions, creating a fresh, soaring, interpretive style. She possesses an ability, earned through years of performing, to connect and establish a warm and intimate rapport with an audience. This music lives in performance, and Gerry loves to perform.

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